Friday, February 11, 2011

What is Daoism?

Daoism is a religion, that bases most beliefs on fairness to nature and your surroundings.  When researching Daoism you might find out that is is known by other names such as, Dao, Tao or even Taoism.  The Dao or Tao is said not to be a divine force but a natural force.  Since it is said to be a natural force, Daoist people believe that the natural force makes the universe act the way it does.  Daoism teachings are SO much different from Legalism and Confucianism. I'm sure that lead to many fights between the people that believed in opposing religions.

What were some rituals of Daoist people?

One extremely important ritual in Daoist history was Zhai or "fast".  Zhai is still preformed in areas where Daoism is popular.  Zhai included dramatic preformances and A LOT of feasting, sounds like a good ritual to me!  This ritual tended to last either 3, 5 or 7 days.  Three other Daoist rituals are The Golden Register Ritual, the Jade Register Ritual and the Yellow Register Ritual.  Rituals of course were considered an event not to miss, but hey, feasting and dramatic plays why would you miss that!  The main attempt of most rituals was to harmonize and bless.

Is Daoism similar to your religion? If so, how?

What do you like or dislike about the religion of Daoism? Why?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

What are the beliefs of Daoism?

There are SO many beliefs in Daoism that it would take years to name some of the basics, so here are just a few.  The strongest of most beliefs in Daoism is to live in harmony with nature.  Another strong belief in this religion is that a universal force called the Dao, which means the "Way", guides all things.  So, since Dao means "Way", each human has to find an individual "Way" or Dao to connect and relate with nature.  Daoist take their religious beliefs seriously and try to honor their religion by knowing the correct beliefs.

When was Daoism created?

Many people believe Daoism was created in around 500 B.C.  Some people who believe in Daoism think that the religion began with Laozi.  No one knows FOR SURE IF Laozi really existed but some people say that he lived in the 500's B.C.  I wanted to know what Laozi meant so I looked into it and found out that Laozi means "Old Master".  The book of Laozi's teachings is called the Dao De Jing.  Many believers of Daoism say the the teachings of Laozi are Daoism.  Even though Daoist aren't sure if Laozi was real they are still strong believers and proud of their religion!

Why was Daoism significant?

Daoism was significant in ancient China because it was a major world religion.  Daoism is inspired by shapes and many Daoist beliefs blended with Chinese culture, but some parts of the culture were slightly different in the eyes of Daoist people.  Some of the blended beliefs are philosophy, medicine, art, calligraphy and spiritual disciplines.  People of ancient China really like Daoism because it helped them open up with their inner feelings.  Daoism is one of only two religious beliefs that has shaped peoples lifestyles in China for 2000 years.  I have a strong feeling that Daoism will continue to impact the lives of people in China for many years to come.